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My arm, just a few days away from 7 months clean.

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"Are you wearing the Ch…"Chanel Boots? Yeah, I am.

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4/20? You mean 1/5 reduce your fractions did you even learn math

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when i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me.

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"white people can’t danc-"


"white people can’t twer-"


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Ancient relics of a bygone era


do me a favour. if a person wearing a long sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt and jeans on a hot day, don’t comment on it. don’t ask why they’re wearing it. don’t say anything at about it.

trust me, they know it’s hot, they know. but their reason for wearing what they’re wearing probably far outweighs the temperature outside.

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you son of a mumford

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If you can pin me down in bed and hold my hand at dinner then you basically meet my standards

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when i understand fandom jokes from a fandom i’m not even in


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